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Do you need planning assistance or on-site help for your Bioskills labs? At MEDSource, Inc., we have knowledgeable personnel who can help execute your events in a highly professional manner, filling in wherever you need to deliver a successful lab. From coordinating to cleaning, we have the skill and experience to cover all of your bases. Typical Bioskills lab support services include:

Acting as the interface between lab participants, your representatives, and the lab hosts

Unpacking and repacking necessary equipment instrumentation

Establishing a back table for ancillary instruments

Providing personal protective equipment and gowning all lab participants

Managing dissemination and the collection of dosimeter badges

Cleaning instruments at the conclusion of the lab using our proprietary cleaning protocol

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Our experience in the medical industry helps us create an optimum experience in Bioskills labs across the country. We know how to make you shine. Take a look at what some of our happy clients have to say about our lab support services.

Lab Support Questions

Lab support services are provided across the United States at Bioskills lab locations, surgery centers, laboratory trailers, universities, hotels, or any other site where a lab is taking place.

The support staff is composed of highly competent individuals with a plethora of experience in supporting Bioskills labs. The background of the support staff ranges from surgical technologists and Bioskills laboratory managers to biomedical engineers. All staff members share a commonality: the laboratory skills, experience and communication it takes to successfully aid in event setup, equipment troubleshooting, intra-lab processes, and overall logistics.

Most often, laboratory support services are coupled with an instrument and/or equipment rental from MEDSource. The amount of time that the support staff will need to be present for is largely dependent on the size of the event and the amount of equipment that it requires. For large labs with significant amounts of setup and lab time, staff members may arrive a day before the lab and stay in a nearby hotel until the day after the lab. For small labs with light equipment/instrument loads and small amounts of lab time, the staff may arrive early in the morning, perform the duties for the setup and the lab, and then return home the same night. Lab support services are flexible and MEDSource is happy to help you deduce how we can best meet your lab support needs.

Lab support services are prioritized to customers who are renting equipment. However, in many cases, lab support can also be acquired separately.

Lab support staff provides all necessary services required to ensure a top of the line event. First, MEDSource technicians will coordinate with on-site device reps, lab technicians, and/or lab managers to ensure that a common vision is shared. Next, MEDSource technicians will set up the lab and equipment in a way that best fits the needs of the event. Equipment will be tested during this time. During the event, MEDSource’s hard-working technicians will serve any and all participants who need assistance. From aiding with PPE to education and troubleshooting of equipment and even providing an extra set of hands needed for the procedure, we do it all. After commencement of the lab, MEDSource techs will clean up the lab and equipment. Equipment that needs to be sent to other locations (like MEDSource equipment) will be packed up and prepared to be picked up by the designated Freight carrier.

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Whether it’s stocking the ancillary equipment and instrumentation you need or providing advice on lab locations and resources, it is our goal to help you deliver the best Bioskills lab event. Explore our Bioskills lab rental products or shop by procedure.