Gel Bumps & Donuts

MEDSource, Inc. rents a variety of gel and foam positioners to Bioskills and surgical education labs.


  • Flat-bottom gel rolls are handy for lateral positioning.
  • Round donuts are great for supine positioning.
  • Step-up positioners are excellent for prone cervical procedures.
  • All positioners are radiolucent.


  • Flat-bottom gel rolls for lateral positioning
  • Round donuts for supine positioning
  • Step-up positioners for prone cervical procedures
  • All positioners are radiolucent

Suggested Equipment:

  • Craniotomy Instrument Set
  • Craniotomy drill package
  • Orthognathic Instrument set

Additional information


Arthroscopy, General Ortho, Multi-Use, Trauma

Suggested Equipment

Craniotomy drill package, Craniotomy Instrument Set, Orthognathic Instrument set

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