Travel Tables

MEDSource, Inc. rents radiolucent, C-arm compatible travel tables to Bioskills and surgical education labs. They are easy to assemble, lightweight, and can accommodate up to a full cadaveric specimen.


  • 74” long x 22” wide
  • Height-adjustable 30” to 42”
  • 22” x 36” radiolucent window
  • Surgical side rails
  • 4-plug power strip attached

Standard Equipment Includes:

  • Over-the-table equipment platform (upon request)
  • Portable surgical table
  • Stabilization bar
  • 2:1 short power cord
  • Extension cord
  • Step stools with anti-fatigue mats (upon request)
  • Cleaning supplies

Suggested Equipment:

  • Positioners and specimen holders
  • C-arm flooring
  • Mobile OR lights
  • Clear plastic floor covering
  • Cleaning kits

Additional information


Arthroscopy, CMF/Skull Base, General Ortho, GYN, Laparoscopy, Neuro / Spine, Trauma

Standard Equipment

2:1 short power cord, Cleaning supplies, Extension cord, Portable surgical table, Stabilization bar, Step stools with anti-fatigue mats

Suggested Equipment

C-arm flooring, Cleaning kits, Clear plastic floor covering, Mobile OR lights, Over-the-table equipment platform (upon request), Positioners and specimen holders

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