Breaking Adjustable Lateral Positioning System (Breaking ALPS)

MEDSource, Inc. rents its Breaking ALPS (Adjustable Lateral Positioning System) to Bioskills and surgical education labs. Breaking ALPS is ideal for MIS lateral spine, direct anterior hip and other procedures. In a lab setting Breaking ALPS is a great alternative to an Operating Room table.


  • MIS lateral spine
  • Fully radiolucent
  • Allows for angles ranging from 10 to 60 degrees
  • Adjusts easily with added specimen weight
  • No positioning bumps required

Standard Equipment Includes:

  • Adjustable pegboard
  • Positioning posts
  • Table clamps
  • Cleaning supplies

Suggested Equipment:

  • Orthopedic Instrument Set
  • System 5 power
  • ESU (Bovie)
  • Lead

Additional information


Neuro / Spine

Standard Equipment

Adjustable pegboard, Cleaning supplies, Positioning posts, Table clamps

Suggested Equipment

ESU (Bovie), Lead, Orthopedic Instrument Set, System 5 power

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