Electrosurgical Unit (Bovie)

MEDSource, Inc. rents Electrosurgical Units (Bovies) to Bioskills and surgical education labs.


  • 120-180 W Cut, 80 W Coag
  • 30-50W Bipolar
  • Monopolar, bipolar, laparoscopic packages available

Standard Equipment Includes:

  • Console with cut/coag and power cord
  • Disposable hand control pencil
  • Grounding pad
  • Extension tip
  • Scratch pad
  • Cleaning supplies

Suggested Equipment:

  • Smoke evacuation units
  • Suction units
  • System 5/Core drills and saws

Additional information


CMF/Skull Base, General Ortho, Laparoscopy, Multi-Use, Neuro / Spine, Trauma

Standard Equipment

Cleaning supplies, Console with cut/coag and power cord, Disposable hand control pencil, Extension tip, Grounding pad, Scratch pad

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