Smoke Evacuation

MEDSource, Inc. rents Smoke Evacuation Suction units to Bioskills and surgical education labs. Smoke evacuators can be ordered alone or as a package with ESU/Bovie units.

***Scientific evidence has shown 1 gram of ablated tissue (10 minutes of ESU/Bovie time) is the equivalent of inhaling the smoke of six cigarettes.***


  • Compact design
  • Simple two button use (motor and on/standby)
  • Provides 0.12-micron filtration at 99.9995% efficiency
  • EZ-link automatic control for ease of use
  • Extremely quiet operation

Standard Equipment Includes:

  • Smoke evacuator with ULPA filter
  • EZ-Link sensor for automatic synchronization
  • Disposable PlumePen smoke evacuation hand control
  • 2:1 power cord
  • Spare filter (1 per order)
  • Cleaning supplies

Suggested Equipment:

  • ESU/Bovie units
  • Suction units
  • Positioners and specimen holders
  • Scope towers
  • OR tables
  • Travel Tables
  • Instrument sets

Additional information


CMF/Skull Base, General Ortho, GYN, Laparoscopy, Neuro / Spine, Trauma

Standard Equipment

2:1 power cord, Cleaning supplies, Disposable PlumePen smoke evacuation hand control pencil, EZ-Link sensor for automatic synchronization, Smoke evacuator with ULPA filter, Spare filter (1 per order)

Suggested Equipment

ESU/Bovie units, Instrument sets, OR tables, Positioners and specimen holders, Scope towers, Suction units, Travel Tables

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