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MEDSource, Inc. Newsletter July 2018

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MedSource Inc - Short Term Bioskill Lab - Equipment Rental - Rental Products - July 2018

July 2018 – How to stay focused! Staying focused is often a challenge for many of us. Distractions, stress from life, or being tired can make focusing on a task difficult. Here are some helpful tips from a VeryWellMind article.

They first recommended assessing your current mental focus. Some may need more work than others. The next step is to eliminate distractions. That may be obvious, but it is proven to be difficult. Unplug from social media and avoid texting until you have completed the tasks at hand. The best time to catch up on social media is during a break. Distractions are not only external, they can be internal in the form of stress or anxiety. Ways to reduce stress is through positive thinking and a good nights rest. Another helpful tip is to take on one task at a time and not overburden yourself. Finish one task and then move onto the next. If you have been working on a task for a long time, taking a short break and shifting focus to an unrelated task will make for a better result.

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